Christian authority

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  • Christian Authority
    • The Holy Spirit
      • Christians believe that God continued to reveal himself to humanity through the Holy Spirit
        • E.g. Christians may use it to ask for guidance
      • Relative
    • The Bible
      • Christians believe that the Bible is the word go God. Humans were inspired by God to write down the scriptures
        • E.g. The Bible could be used to make moral decisions such euthanasia,abortion...
      • Absolute
    • Love
      • God is love and Jesus' words and actions showed that love was the primary factor in any situation
        • E.g. A Christians may use love when deciding whether to go to war or not
      • Relative
    • The Church
      • The authority of the Church comes from various sources. Priests interpret and transmit the word of God
      • Relative
    • Conscience
      • Seen as the ultimate guide for moral decisions because it us given by God
      • Relative
    • Reason and Natural Law
      • Humans were given reasoning in order to understandNatural Law which provides a reliable guide to what is right and wrong
      • Relative


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