Ethical Theories

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Ethical Theories
What is the relationship between morality and Christianity?
Euthyphro dilemma
`Is something right because God commands it or does God command it because it is right',
the first section allows people to follow rules whereas the second section allows for
autonomy. The first part of the statement refers to the Divine Command theory. However
many Christian thinkers like Aquinas and William temple reject the theory by saying some
things are innately good or bad.
"In its nature, the moral judgement is quite wholly independent of
religion" ­ Temple

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Christian Authority
Christians believe the scriptures transmit the Word of God ­ authority
Denominations of Christians and the Bible
Liberal Christians ­ They do not relate to the Bible literally and the word of the God as
it is by human writing and so mistakes may have occurred. They see the Bible as
Conservative Christians ­ They believe that God guided the hands of the evangelists
but still written by humans.…read more

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They base their arguments on the idea that God is love and Jesus' words and actions
showed that love was the primary factor.…read more


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