Christian Ethics

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Christian Ethics
Christianity is a religion which believes that God is the ultimate source of morality and
provides other sources of morality through ways such as the Bible, conscience and the
Firstly, Christians believe that the Bible is the literal word of God thus it holds a certain
degree of authority. Christians read passages of the Bible and use them to interpret how
to act morally. For example, The Ten commandments are used to explain what is right
and wrong. These state that things such as respecting parents and telling the truth is
right, whilst things such as stealing and using God's name in vain are wrong.
Secondly, within the Bible there are parables which are stories with morals to help
people relate more easily to them in order to act morally. The parable of the Good
Samaritan explains the story of a man who was left to die and his passers by did not help
him. It was finally, the Samaritan that helped the man. This was trying to teach people
that you must not be a bystander and that you must help venerable people. This way
you will become a better person just as God wants and you will go to heaven which is
everyone's final goal.
Thirdly, the passage of the unmerciful servant shows how a servant's debt was cancelled
out of mercy yet when someone owed this servant money, they did not take mercy on
the person who could not pay back and God was not pleased. This passage was trying to
show that in order to act morally, you must show mercy on others just as God has done
for you.
Moreover, love is a very important ethical teaching of Christianity emphasised by Jesus
that the most important ethical teaching is `Love thy neighbour'. This is shown in
Sermon on the Mount where he encourages people to read the Bible as it is showing
that you are putting love for God into action. He also states that no matter what
discrimination you get for being Christian or how hard it is for you to understand the
Bible, it does not matter as God's reward of heaven is much greater.
Joseph Fletcher is an ex priest who also believed that `Love thy neighbour' is an
important ethical teaching so developed situation ethics. Within situation ethics,
Fletcher states that you must do the most loving thing (agape) no matter how many
rules it breaks. This is because it is much better to do what you think is right rather than
just following a set of rules.
Additionally, Christians believe that the Church is an important source of morality. This is
because the priests there are trained to interpret and spread the word of God. So by
going there you will be getting closer to God which is the ultimate source of morality.
Furthermore, the church reinforces the commandment of `do not lie' as you are
encouraged to go to confession where honesty is required.

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Additionally, Christians believe that conscience is a very important tool when making
ethical decisions because it can be seen as the voice of God or a response to the voice
of God. Aquinas is a philosopher who states that conscience was most important but
that it had to be supplemented with reason when making ethical decisions.
To conclude, Christians believe that to act ethically is to live in a way that God wants and
that this is obedience to God.…read more


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