Christian Ethics Booklet: AS Religious Studies

Basically this is a booklet on Christian Ethics for AS ethics (religious studies). Some is my own work, some is copied out of textbooks such as ethical theory by Mel Thompson, ethical studies by Robert Bowie and OCR Religious Studies; Philosophy and Ethics AS by Taylor, Eyre and Knight (these are all really good books if you want more detail). The only section I haven't written about in here is Situation Ethics, which I have done another booklet for. Enjoy :)

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Christian Ethics
The Bible...
Me and my teachings...
Your conscience...
Christians like us...
Family and friends...
Sanctity of life...
The Holy Spirit...
The Ten Commandments...
The Beatitudes I told on the mount in the sermon...
I'm a Christian; where can I look for guidance?
Me and the Church...

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Jewish Foundation:
Jesus was a Jew
The Ten Commandments provides good guidelines for human existence and were
revealed by God himself to Moses.
The Decalogue is a divine command made by God. Something which must be kept as
law. Therefore, for some Jews and some Christians they are a set of absolute and
The Old Testament is also known as the Hebrew Bible.…read more

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According to the church we will be rewarded if we live according to the beatitudes.
In the New Testament, it contains many examples of when Jesus deliberately set aside
Jewish rules and acted out of love and compassion. He used the Golden rule to live his life;
and when challenged by a Jewish scholar about the most important of the rules, Jesus
replied "Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul and with all your mind.…read more

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Their consciences also show that this is true, since their
thoughts sometimes accuse them and sometimes defend them.' (Romans 2:14-15).
Paul also developed Jesus' emphasis on the law and love as the main ethical rule. All other
ethical decisions arise naturally from this. The love Paul refers to is agape and his famous
letter to the people of Corinth (1 Corinthians 13) explains exactly how Paul sees love in
action.…read more

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This ethical code also appears to have much in common with Christianity because it places
great emphasis on treating people as an end in themselves. Kant's universality also seems to
have echoes in Jesus' Golden Rule but Kant's universality requires rigid rules and actions
determined by reason alone. This is not the way most Christians make ethical judgements.
Natural Law:
Philosophers involved with the creation of this philosophy were Christians; therefore the
two philosophies are extremely close.…read more


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