Essay on christian ethics

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Christianity is a religion which believes that God is the ultimate source of morality which provides other sources of morality through ways such as the Bible, conscience and the church.

Firstly, Christians believe that the Bible is the literal word of God thus it holds a certain degree of authority. Christians read passages of the Bible and use them to interpret how to act morally. For example, The 10 commandments are used to explain what is right and wrong. These state that things such as respecting parents and telling the truth is right, whilst things such as stealing and using God’s name in vain are not morally correct.

Secondly, within the Bible there are parables which are stories with morals to help people relate more easily to them in order to act morally. The parable of the Good Samaritan explains the story of a man who was left to die and his passersby did not help. It was finally, the Samaritan that helped the man. This was trying to teach people that you must not be a bystander and that you must help venerable people. This way you will become a better person just as God wants and you will go to heaven which is everyone’s final goal.

Thirdly, the passage of the unmerciful servant shows how a servant’s debt was cancelled out of mercy yet when someone owed this servant money, they did not take


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