Chinese Cinderella

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  • Chinese Cinderella
    • Feelings relayed in simile- painful and constant
      • "Like a persistent toothache"
    • Distant relationship reinforced
      • She does not recognize her own home
      • No one there to greet her- "mother playing bridge"
      • “Don’t look so scared” – Adeline’s fear
    • Father's power indicated through imperitives
      • "You will go to medical school"
    • Father lacks respect and faith in his daughter + her dreams
      • "He scoffed"
    • Adeline's extreme joy shows how neglected she has been
      • "Is it possible? Am I dreaming?"
    • Father in contrast is more relaxed and at ease
      • In slippers and bathrobe
    • Ellipses creates tension and the sense that the end of term would be a bad thing
    • Short sentence, builds up suspense
    • She has a duty of making her family and country proud of her achievements- shows the importance of honour and ‘face’
    • Holy of Holies - a place to which I had never been invited
      • shows clearly who is the master of the house.
      • Shows family roles.father is superior to herself and that his room is almost a sacred place
    • "How come you won?"
      • Reinforces her low self esteem
    • Emotive language continued throughout text
      • Describes her home using words like "nightmare"


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