Chinese Cinderella

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  • Chinese Cinderella
    • 'in my case perhaps the end of school forever'
      • this ambiguity at end of first paragraph hooks reader in
    • 'a possible typhoon the next day'
      • pathetic fallacy: meeting her family? Also juxtaposes monotony of monopoly game
      • Also thinking about the weather shows how bored she is
    • commas in line 14 show panicking thoughts
    • 'quiet and cool' - how her house is described
      • metaphorically describing lack of love from her family: no warmth
    • no one is around for her arrival: shows separation
    • father's relaxedness juxtaposes her panic
    • rhetorical questions in line 36 show lack of trust, no closeness
    • 'Sit down! Sit down!'
      • repetition of imperatives shows his authority and manner
    • 'I only had to stretch out my hand to reach the stars'
      • hyperbolic shows how overwhelmingly happy she is
    • 'As long as he will let me go'
      • she wants to escape from her father: no personal ties or connections with her family
    • 'Is it possible? Am I dreaming? Me, the winner?
      • rhetorical questions show how important her achievement is to her
    • 'I do believe you have potential.'
      • sounds very business-like, as if in a meeting. Displays lack of closeness
    • 'Agreed? Of course I agreed.'
      • answers her own question, showing it is not allowed for her to refuse.


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