Chinese Cinderella

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      • 'THE RADIO WARNED OF A POSSIBLE TYPHOON THE NEXT DAY' - Pathetic fallacy. Weather is uncertain and possibly threatening, reflects how Mah is feeling about the future.
      • 'HOLY OF HOLIES' - metaphorical term gives impression of study as a place usually off limits to Mah- suggests a sacred place only accessed by priests.
      • 'ME, THE WINNER?' - series of rhetorical question shows Mah's immediate reaction of winning. She doesn't speak aloud - all her reaction is internal.
      • 'I ONLY HAD TO STRETCH OUT MY HAND TO REACH THE STARS' - Hyperbole expresses how the happiness of the moment transports Mah far from her usual experience.
      • 'YOU WILL'' - repetition of 'will' from the father makes it definite and decided. No option to question decision.
      • 'WHY?' - Rhetorical question shows Mah is searching for explanation.
    • QUOTES
      • 'YOUR CHAUFFEUR' - Indicates wealth of the family, but also how no member of the family actually comes themselves to get Mah.
      • 'FULL OF FOREBODING...WONDERING WHO HAD DIED THIS TIME.' - Foreboding suggests Mah's relationship with her family. 'Wondering who had died this time' - shows type of circumstances she is usually only called home for.
      • 'THE CHAUFFEUR REPLIED RUDELY' - no respect or sympathy even from chauffeurs, even though she is part of the family.
      • 'YOUR PARENTS MOVED HER A FEW MONTHS AGO?' - Shows how detatched Mah is from her family.
      • the siblings are 'SUNBATHING BY THE SWIMMING POOL' - shows contrast between Mah and her life, and siblings and their lifestyle.
      • 'HAPPY MOOD' - description of father very different to expectation at first.
      • 'IS THIS A GIANT RUSE ON HIS PART TO TRICK ME? DARE I LET MY GUARD DOWN?' - Mah still expects hostility from her father. (rhetorical question)
      • 'PLEASED TO TELL HIM YOU ARE MY DAUGHTER'- Father reveals his reason for his good mood.
      • ''THERE WERE NO OTHER COMPETITORS' - When Mah finally speaks, it is in direct question from her father. Self-depreciating and does not convey the joy she felt inside. She is still very guarded.
      • 'WRITER?' HE SCOFFED'' - immediately dismisses her mockingly.
      • ''DON'T YOU AGREE?' -  (father )Comes across as domineering and expects her to agree.
      • 'BLISS WAS IT IN THAT DAWN TO BE ALIVE.' - Mah is not put off by her father's attitude (at the end). Excitement. Thoughts and feelings are far away as she thinks of poetry.
      • Mood shifts as Mah enters study and father appears much happier and relaxed than anticipated. First unexpected detail -foreshadows more  unexpected news (Mah's win in the competition.)
      • Report contains more words of direct praise for Mah's achievement than are spoken by father. News of her win is conveyed through the newspaper report and not her father's words.
      • Extract ends with Mah's mood changed completely, from unhappy dread about the future to exhilaration and excitement about going to university.
      • Direct speech to convey relationships and characters.
      • Use of rhetorical questions to convey Mah's inner feelings.
      • Use of first person for a personal memoir.
      • Use of hyperbole to express extreme emotion.
      • Short sentences to convey surprise and excitement.
      • Pathetic fallacy to create mood of foreboding.
      • Punctuation to convey surprise and excitement.





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