china's one child policy

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  • china's one child policy
    • background info
      • introduced on 25th September 1980
      • restricted the majority of Chinese families to one child each
      • originally temporary - only 20-30 years, but it is still in place today
      • 1984 policy was slightly relaxed with rural families allowed them to have a second child
    • incentives and fines
      • 5/10% salary bonus for having only one child
      • 10% salary reduction for having two children
      • forced abortions
      • £20,000 fine for a second child
      • free education and healthcare fro having one child
      • couples have to apply to have a family
      • free contraception and family planning
      • encouraged later marriages
    • why was it needed?
      • rapid population density increase - 1953 - 60 people per square km .... at present there are 128 people per square km
      • uneven population distribution = 80% living on the flat plains of the country
      • death rate had declined and birth rate was increasing
    • did the policy help?
      • slowed population growth
      • by 2007 the population was 1,300,000,000.... without the policy it would have been around 25% higher
      • in 2007 birth rate had lowered to 14%
    • granny police
      • elderly group of men and women in china whose goal was to help enforce china's laws. placed all over china to report all suspicious activities. considered to be less threatening giving them an advantage
    • gendercide
      • made a gender gap meaning there were too many males and not enough females
      • couples traditionally preferred to have males to continue the family name and to help look after family when they were older.
      • policy caused couples to get rid of baby girls, through either abortion, infanticide or abandonment
      • by 2020, there will be 40 million more men than women
      • little emperors - spoilt boys who became obese and lazy due to them being favoured, lead to selective terminations if the ultrasound revealed it was a girl
    • statistics today
      • had prevented over 300 million births
      • aborted 336 million children
      • performed 196 million surgical sterilizations


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