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China's one child
Lauren Richardson 12.1…read more

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It officially restricts married, urban couples to having only
one child, while allowing exceptions for several cases..
Twins ­ classed as one pregnancy,
Ethnic minorities ­ didn't want them to die out!
Parents without any siblings themselves.…read more

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One child in a loving family..…read more

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Why it makes sense to only have one
Helps to reduce population,
Easier to love one child than
Government pays to help
Government gives them
benefits,…read more

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So basically..
They should only have one child because the government
pays for them to only have one child, costs a lot less as
the government provides housing, education, healthcare
services for those who co-operates and its easier to love
one child..
The one child policy ensures that China's citizens have a
good standard of living.…read more

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WAKE ME UP INSIDE!…read more

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very very basic. wouldn't help with getting 15 marks in a case study question

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