Children's Act 1989/Every Child Matters

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  • Children's Act 1989 (amended 2004)/Every Child Matters
    • Features
      • Paramountcy principle: welfare of the child is paramount consideration
      • Children are consulted when possible
      • Children should stay with their wider family when possible
      • Issues must be determined ASAP - pass on info and work in multidisciplinary teams
      • Children with special needs are categorised as children in need
      • Aims to protect children from abuse and discrimination
      • Gives children rights
    • Strengths
      • Provides equal treatment to all children
      • Children can have their voices heard
      • Act is clear about the role of parents in caring for children
      • Acknowledges children's rights and protects their welfare
      • Intervention is only taken as a last resort or if parent needs support
      • Clear guidelines
      • Information database so children don't slip through the net
      • Clear system of redress
    • Weaknesses
      • Communication errors can be made
      • Keeping court cases private prevents accountability
      • Children still slip through the net e.g. Baby P
      • Children may not know their rights
      • Workking in multidisciplinary teams may lead to conflict
      • This legislation only applies to England
      • Staff may not have adequate training in safeguarding
    • 5 outcomes of Every Child Matters
      • Staying safe
        • from neglect and violence
        • from injury and death
        • from bullying, discrimination and crime
      • Being healthy
        • Physically
        • Mentally
        • Sexually
        • Healthy lifestyle (no illegal drugs)
      • Enjoying and achieving
        • Attend and enjoy school
        • Social and personal development
      • Economic wellbeing
        • Further education, employment or training after school
        • Decent homes
        • Ready for employment
      • Make a positive contribution
        • Support the community and environment
        • Develop positive relationships and choose not to discriminate
        • Develop self-confidence
    • Why children may not want to report abuse
      • Afraid of being taken away from their family
      • Afraid of being dismissed
      • Fear of victimisation
    • Effects of neglect and abuse on children
      • Mental illness (depression etc.)
      • Fear, sadness, anger
      • UNderachieve in school
      • Low self-esteem


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