Childrens act 2004

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  • Childrens act 2004
    • The childrens act makes childrens health and wellbeing their priority and it gves children a say and a voice that should be listened to.
    • Every child matters was made due to the update of the childrens act
      • it is a guidline meaning you dont have to follow it but its reccommended that you do
      • it makes sure children are healthy, staying safe , enjoying and achieeing,making a positive contribution and economic wellbeing
      • it looks after children and young people up to the age of 19 and up to 24 for people with disbilities
    • stregnths
      • children are protected from harm
      • children are abel to express their views and be heard
      • parents are given responsibilities that they should follow
      • children can be taken into care 'safe place'
      • children have 'rights'
    • weaknesses
      • children under ten are not considered accountable, so may not be listened to
      • court cases that involve children are heald privately so theres not public scrunity
      • there isnt much accountibility of social care workers outside their department


Sam Morran


Good summary of the Act with strengths and weaknesses identified.  I like the clear layout with colours too.

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