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    • Created as a consequence of the public concern following the death of Dennis O'Neill due to child abuse in 1945.
      • Following this, the 1948 Act made the local authorities responsible for childcare.
    • (2004 Programme aimed at transforming childrens services) Every Child Matters had 5 outcomes;
      • Enjoying and achieving
      • Staying Safe
      • Making a positive contribution
      • Being healthy
      • Achieving economic well-being
    • The children Act 1989 included the following;
      • Making provision for local authority services for children in need and others;
      • reforming the law relating to children;
      • amending the law with respect to children's homes, community home, voluntary organisations;
      • making provision with respect to fostering, chikld minding and day care for young children and adoption and for conncted purposes.
    • The main aim is to encourage 'integrated planning, commissioning and delivery of services, as well as improe multi-displinary working, remove duplication, increase accoutnability and improve the coordination of the individual and joint inspections in local authorities.
    • The Children Act affects:
      • Paediatric practitioners
      • Foster Caeres
      • Residential Care workers
      • Parents
      • Teaching staff
      • Socai Worker (child and family)
      • Nursery and playgroup workers
    • Children should be kept informaed of whats going to happen to them and they should be allowed to make their own choices about their future.
      • childrens feelings should be considered at all times.
      • Children should be safe and protected at all times.
      • Parents should be offered help- a paretnership is important in order to meet the needs of the individuals. The reponsibility of the parents is stressed.
      • The welfare of the child is of paramount consideration. This is known as the paramountcy principle.
      • Wherever possible children should be cared for within their own families.
      • The childs race, culture, religion and language must be respected at all times and the service provided must be appropriate.



very helpful thankyou soo much :D


A good resource which provides a very good outline of the key aspects of the Children Act as well as the agencies which it is relevant to. This is a good basis for revision, which can be further expanded by identifying HOW each of the aspects identified would be implemented within a variety of health and social care setting. This is a great resource for the visual learner.


Very good resource thank you




I agree with everyone but LaLa's is the best comment by far. Brilliant website and chicken


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