Charles 1 Politics 1640-2

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  • Charles Politics 1640-2
    • 1640
      • Short Parliament (3 weeks)
        • Disappointment for C- Parliament distrusted him
        • MPs reluctant to support war against protestants who rebelled against Laudianism.
        • P were not going to grant the 12 subsidies that C requested.
        • Second bishops war - ended with the treaty of Ripon.
      • Lords Cannons
        • Issued a new set of Cannons with a clear support for divine right.
      • First session of Long Parliament
        • Get rid of Strafford
        • Destroy personal rule
          • Got rid of star chamber and high commission.
          • Ship money and distranit of knighthoods declared illegal.
      • Impeachment of Strafford
        • Charge: He wished to bring his Irish army over to use as a force to continue Personal rule. By setting up a royal military dictatorship.
    • 1641
      • Strafford's execution (Act of Attainder)
        • London mob were putting pressure of H of L to pass the act so they would need less evidence.
        • Passed act- Strafford executed on 12 May in front of a crowd of 100,000.
      • Triennial act
        • Parliament had to be called every 3 years.
          • Took away Charles' prerogative- only signed it because he thought it was temporary and the London mob.
      • Death of Bedford (last hope)
        • Man with a "foot in both camps"- last chance of a compromise.
      • Ten Propositions
        • Pym consolidating his position
          • P should choose kings ministers- take away prerogative powers
          • H of C accepted it because they did not understand the significance of Pym, problem was glossed over by Cs visit to Scotland.
      • Charles leaves for Scotland
      • Grand remonstrance
        • Listed the policies and actions of C that made the commons distrust him.
          • e.g. P should choose and be able to remove the kings ministers.
      • Second session of long parliament
        • Role of Henrietta Maria- influence
        • Support for C reappears- conservatives
      • Irish rebellion (turning point)
        • Catholic native Irish against the Ulster Presbyterians
        • Around 4,00 protestants died in fighting and around 8,000 from exposure.
        • The rebels claimed they were fighting in the name of C.
    • 1642
      • The five members coup
        • Tried to arrest 5 MPs because he thought Pym was trying to impeach his wife.
          • He entered P with troops- commons outraged- made war more likely.
      • Militia ordinance and the commission of Array
      • Nineteen propositions
        • Presented to the King- Ps final approach to Charles.
          • e.g. P controls church matters and P appoints guardians for kings children.
      • Charles declares war!


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