Charles 1 and Religion

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  • Charles 1 Religion
    • 1625-9
      • 1625
        • Act of revocation: Crown reclaimed church land that had been given to the Scottish elite since 1540- this would worry Scots- land could be used for Catholic church making it powerful and wealthy.
      • 1626
        • On the day of the dissolution of the 1626 P- C issued a proclamation supporting the Arminian's and attacking the Puritans.
      • 1627
        • Sibthorpes sermon: An Arminian minister, preached that to resist paying the forced loan to the King was against God's will.
      • 1628
        • Laud appointed as Archbishop of London: Charles suspended Abbott and Laud took his place- very influential (promoted Arminian's)
    • Personal Rule 1629-40
      • 1632
        • City of London fined for failing to push forward the planation of Ulster
      • 1633
        • Laud is made Archbishop of Canterbury
        • Book of sports is re-issued by Laud
        • Announcement of Bishopric in Edinburgh. Ministers would work for a Bishop of Edinburgh. Turned St Giles into a cathedral- powerful.
      • 1636
        • Canons: In prep for prayer book and bishopric- C imposed new cannons e.g. ban placed on improvised prayer.
      • 1637
        • Famous case of Burton, Bastwick, and Prynne. Ears chopped off
        • Introduction of Scottish prayer book. Caused Uproar!
      • 1638
        • Scottish National Covenant: Petition rejecting cannons and prayer book.
          • It was vague enough for everyone to sign it- as it did not specifically outlaw bishops.
            • C saw it as open rebellion- prepared for war
        • Scotland prepares for war!
      • 1639
        • The first Bishops war
      • 1640
        • Second Bishops war- ended with the Treaty of Ripon
    • 1640-2
      • 1641
        • Root and Branch petition: Called for the abolition of Bishops. Many MPs did not like Laudian bishops but did not want to see them abolished. Divided the commons.


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