Charity Advertising Conventions

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  • WaterAid:  Conventions of a charity ad
    • Technical/ Visual Codes
      • Shocking & hard hitting visuals often of children
      • Recognisable Establishing shots
      • Tracking shots follow protagonist to involve the audience
      • Close up shots (often of kids) position audience in close proximity to those in need
      • Slo mo, B&W, direct MOA
    • Audio Codes
      • Emotive soundtrack, melancholic music
      • Non diegetic voiceover (often celeb endorsement) reinforces the message, provides info and urges audience to act
      • Personalised narrative in real voice of victim or collection of sound bites
      • Untitled
    • Written Codes/ Language
      • On screen graphics eg charity logo establishes brand identity
      • Campaign name
      • Imperative language: 'give now'
      • Range of ways to donate via text, online, letter
      • Use of the personal pronoun 'we' makes the audience seem involved and responsible for issue
      • Emotive language
      • Hard hitting facts
      • Personalised narrative
    • How does WaterAid follow these conventions?
      • Includes key info about the concern
      • Personalised narrative to which info is relevant
      • Direct appeal to audience for money
    • How does WaterAid subvert these conventions?
      • Lacks non diegetic voiceover
      • Untitled
      • Is in colour unlike conventional B&W ads


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