Short Film Mindmap

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  • Ideas
    • GENRES
      • Main: Romance, Sci-Fi, Horror, Comedy, Drama, Animation, Documentary, Action
      • Can be more abstract/not confined to one genre
    • Short Film Promotion
      • Codes + Conventions
        • Tend to have a lower budget
        • Range of shots, mainly close ups and medium shots with a few wide shots
        • Cinematic shots to create certain tones/moods
          • Can be obscure/non conventional meaning
        • Small amount of characters due to less time to introduce them
        • Will usually contain a twist in the plot
        • Minimal dialogue
        • Usually set in an everyday situation to allow the audience to relate
        • Tend to be more creative and free from structure
      • Resources
        • School Equipemnt
          • Tripod
          • Camera
          • Lightbar
        • Car to get to loactions
        • Charity Shops for affordable costuming
    • Short fashion film to link to textiles
      • Wearing different clothes in non conventional situations
      • Dream sequence - in glens/forrest


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