Water Aid

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  • Water Aid
    • Conventions
      • reinforces charity advertisement conventions
        • includes key info abt the context
        • personalised narrative
        • direct appeal to the audience for money
      • doesn't reinforce conventions
        • lacks a non-diegetic voiceover
        • no melancholic audio codes
        • no black and white visual codes
    • Codes
      • opening medium shot with a pull focus
        • modern, british setting
        • digital radio and rain against the window
      • visual and audio
        • "sunshine" (Africa) on a "rainy day" (Britain)
    • Theories
      • Barthes
        • suspense is created through the enigmatic use of slow-motion, medium close-up
      • Levi Strauss
        • Binary opposites - Africa in drought setting and England on a rainy day
      • Gauntlett
        • Claudia acts as a role model for the type of lifestyle changes that the audience could be responsible for creating if they donate to Water Aid
      • Van Zoonen
        • Claudia is in a non-traditional female role as she is in male roles, such as the protagonist and the provider


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