Lord of the Flies Chapter Summary

Summary of each chapter!

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Chapters 1+2

1. The Sound of the Shell


Ralph comes out onto the beach and meets a fat boy called Piggy.

Piggy finds a conch, Ralph blows it, the other survivors come.

Choirboys arrive as a group.

Ralph is voted chief.

Ralph, Jack and Simon go off to explore. They climb a mountain.

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Chapters 1+2

2. Fire on the Mountain


They have another meeting where they decide the conch allows people to speak (symbolises democracy). Jack is excited and says that there will be rules. The idea of a beast is also discussed.

Ralph suggests a fire so they focus on rescue. Jack uses Piggy's glasses to light it.

The fire becomes out of control and a littl'un is killed.

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Chapters 3+4

3. Huts on the Beach


Jack goes off on his own to kill a pig. He only wears shorts and a knife belt.

Ralph and Simon make huts.

Ralph and Jack argue about their priorities: Ralph wants to keep a fire going and build huts, Jack wants to hunt and kill.

Simon goes into the forest and finds the nature beautiful: 'candle buds'.

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Chapters 3+4

4. Painted Faces and Long Hair


The littl'uns have nightmares. Roger and Maurice kick their sandcastles.

Jack paints a mask on his face, kills a pig and lets the fire go out.

Piggy's glasses get broken.

A boat leaves in the distance, because the fire had gone out. Ralph is angry at Jack.

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Chapters 5+6

 5. Beast from Water


Ralph tells the boys 'things are breaking up'. He tells them how to be more organized.

A littl'un says he saw something in the water. Maurice talks about sea monsters: they think it is the beast. Most people believe in the beast.

Jack speaks without holding the conch. He takes the choir/hunters to the beach and they chant.

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Chapters 5+6

6. Beast from Air


The body of a parachutist comes down near the signal fire. Samneric spot it and wake Piggy and Ralph, calling it the beast. Everybody knows and are frightened.

Jack wants to track the beast, Ralph wants to think things through, Piggy wants to ignore the beast.

Piggy looks after the littl'uns whilst Jack and Ralph go to Castle Rock to find the beast.

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Chapters 7+8

7. Shadows and Tall Trees


Ralph and Simon sit thoughtfully and discuss going home.

Ralph gets carried away in the hunt and nearly kills a pig. Jack suggests using a littl'un as a pig next time, and they laugh.

Roger, Jack and Ralph go up the mountain and think they see the beast.

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Chapters 7+8

8. Gift for the Darkness


Jack goes off on his own. Ralph decides to move the fire to the beach to avoid the beast.

Several boys go after Jack and stay with him. They form a new group where Jack is chief. They attack and kill a pig.

Simon finds the pig's head: the Lord of the Flies. It talks to him and sounds cynical: "silly little boy". It threatens him.

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Chapters 9+10

9. A View to a Death


Simon heads to the others to warn them of the beast. On the way, he releases the dead parachutist which is covered in flies.

Ralph and Piggy go to the feast, but haven't been on the tribe hunt.

Jack is at the centre of the feast with a painted face. They all take meat, including Ralph and Piggy. A storm begins.

They chant "Kill the Beast!" as Simon enters. They tear him to death and his body floats into the sea.

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Chapters 9+10

10. The Shell and the Glasses


Ralph, Piggy and Samneric try to keep the fire going. R+P talk about the death, but neither of them will face up to what they've done.

Jack's tribe organise guards and think they've killed the beast (Simon). They need fire for more power and hunts/chanting. They plan to steal Piggy's glasses.

They steal them in the middle of the night. Ralph realises that they didn't steal the conch: they don't need it because Jack's tribe works by dictatorship.

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Chapters 11+12

11. Castle Rock


Piggy and Ralph have no glasses: no fire. The conch is still important to them. Ralph wants to talk to Jack.

Jack's tribe (with painted faces) challenge them with spears and stones. Nobody responds when Ralph blows the conch.

Ralph demands the glasses but doesn't get them. Jack's tribe take Samneric. Roger pushes a stone and kills Piggy.

Ralph escapes into the forest.

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Chapters 11+12

12. Cry of the Hunters


Ralph runs in the forest and goes past the Lord of the Flies. He hears Jack's tribe chanting. Roger has "sharpened a stick at both ends."

He is hiding and Jack's tribe are jabbing sticks and throwing boulders at him. They set fire to the island.

A naval officer thinks they've been playing an adventure game. Ralph tells him two are dead and starts crying.

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