Lord of the Flies, key points and quotes

Lord of the Flies, key points and quotes

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Lord of the Flies ­ Chapter Summary
Chapter 1 ­ The Sound of the Shell pg 1 28
A plane of Boys crash lands on an Island
Ralph and Piggy form an acquaintance
They find the Conch
Ralph calls first meeting
Ralph, Jack and Simon explore Island
Boys fail to kill pig
Chapter 1 ­ Quotes
Page Quote Interpretation Alternative
1, 4 `vision of red and yellow', ` Beauty of Island Danger ­ `red'
shimmering water'
4,9 `skulllike', `We may stay Foreshadows death
...we die'
9 `lagoon attacked' Danger
11 Conch `delicate, embossed' Fragile, rare, important symbolism
14 `black, batlike creature' Foreshadows beast ­
arrives with boys
15 18 Description of Jack Dangerous ­ `red' Easilyangered
Whole Piggy and specs characterisation Symbolism of specs
28 `there would be no mercy'
Chapter 2 ­ Fire on the Mountain pg 29 45
Boy with Mulberrycoloured birthmark tells about a snakelike beastie
Ralph talks about rescue and building fire
Boys make fire using Piggy's glasses
Fire spreads too far
Boy with Mulberrycoloured birthmark assumed dead
Chapter 2 ­ Quotes
Page Quote Interpretation Alternative
30 `We'll have rules... breaks
31 `cradling the great cream Importance of shell
33 `beastie, a snakething' First talk of beast Denial of beast
36 `Acting like a crowd of kids'
38 `You'll break the conch' Piggy has foresight with
42 `with bitter realism' Piggy is realistic
42 `began to gnaw' Fire made by boys is
like a beast
43 `You're always scared. Yah Jack bullies Piggy
­ Fatty'
45 `him with the mark on his First death on Island Shows danger of Boys
face, I don't see him'

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Chapter 3 ­ Huts on the Beach pg 46 ­ 56
Jack tries to follow tracks to find meat
Ralph and Simon build shelter as littluns have run off
Ralph and Jack argue over meat and shelter
Simon goes off into nature and get fruit for the littluns
Chapter 3 ­ Quotes
Page Quote Interpretation Alternative
46 `sharpened stick'
47 `eyes that in this frustration Jack is dangerous
seemed bolting and nearly
49 `madness came into his Obsessed with hunting
eyes again' and…read more

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Chapter 4 ­ Quotes
Page Quote Interpretation Alternative
58 `he was big enough to be a link Boys look up to
with the adult world of authority' adults
59 `Maurice followed, laughing, and Boys are destructive
added to the destruction'
61 `Yet there was a space round Follows rules even Roger follows rules
Henry... into which he dared not though there is noone of a place that is
throw. Here, invisible yet strong to enforce them.…read more

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Ralph call an assembly to set things straight
Jack denies everything about there being a beast
Piggy understands the Beast
Percival says beast comes from water
Simon tries to explain that humans are the beast
Ralph and Jack argue
Assembly ends in chaos
Ralph, Simon and Piggy wish for adults
Chapter 5 ­ Quotes
Page Quote Interpretation Alternative
76 `This meeting must not be
fun, but business'
78 `Piggy, for all his ludicrous Piggy is fat but clever
body had brains'
84 `What would…read more

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Jack, Ralph, Simon and hunters find castle rock but not beast
Chapter 6 ­ Quotes
Page Quote Interpretation Alternative
97 `a sign came down from the Links to previous
world of adults' chapter
98 `the lines would slacken Puppet ­ adults bowing
and the figure bow' down to leaders (Hitler)
102 `It was furry' `eyes' `Teeth' Description of pilot/ Pilot is beast =
`Claws' beast mankind is beast
Chapter 7 ­ Shadows and Tall Trees pg 113 ­ 129
Ralph notices the state of…read more

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Simon talks to beast
Piggy realises that Ralph relies on him
Jack organises feast to invite biguns to his tribe
Chapter 8 ­ Quotes
Page Quote Interpretation Alternative
131 `Boys armed with sticks' Realistic Jack protective about
hunting + hunters
Whole `Lord of the Flies' Hitler like the Lord with
Chapter Nazi as Flies
133 `Anyone who wants to hunt Jack splitting boys Selfish
when I do can come too'
144 `The head is for the beast.…read more

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Tearing of teeth and Acting like beasts Savagery
153 `buildup of clouds' Pathetic fallacy Build up of tension
155 `pitilessly the layers ...…read more

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He pointed at this savage" Contrasts "We're not Change of attitude
savages" on pg41
174 "Let the fire go then, for Rescue not so
tonight" important
177 "Ralph prayed that the Fear of Beast even after
beast would prefer littluns" beast is revealed
177 "hitting, biting, scratching" Beastly actions
Chapter 11 ­ Castle Rock
Ralph, Samneric and Piggy go to Castle Rock to get back specs
Samneric get tied up by savages
Jack and Ralph fight
Roger pulled a lever to make a rock murder…read more

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Page Quote Interpretation Alternative
"They're not as bad as that. Ralph is now in denial
It was an accident.…read more


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