Lord of the flies- Chapter Summeries

Breif overveiw of key events in each chapter.

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Chapter One- Sound of the Shell

  • Boys land on island after plane crash
  • Find the conch
  • The group have a meeting and elect Ralph as the leader
  • Ralph, Jach and Simon then go to explore the island
  • They find a wild piglet on thier adventure and Jack goes to kill it but hesitates- claims he will kill it next time.
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Chapter Two- Fire on the Mountain

  • They have another meeting-Ralph sums up the situation and explains they must look after themselve, also sets rules for the conch
  • The mulberry coloured birthmark boy claims he saw a 'snake like' 'beastie'- this produces fear throughout the boys- Piggy gets annoyed
  • They deside to make a fire to produce rescue smoke- using Piggys glasses
  • The fire becomes out of control- mulberry coloured birthmark boy is then missing.
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Chapter Three- Huts on the Beach

  • Jack is determind to kill the pig again
  • Ralph and Simon build huts on the beach but Ralph is irretated because no one else is helping them
  • Ralph and Jack bicker about their different priorities- start to dislike eachother
  • Simon helps the 'littleums' pick fruit- christ like figure first emerges.
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Chapter Four- Painted Faces and Long Hair

  • They have a daily rhythm, in the day they are happy but at night things are scary
  • Roger and Maurice stomp on the sand castles and throws stones at the 'littleuns'
  • Jack paints his face with clay 'awesome stranger'
  • A ship goes past but the fire is out so they miss it- an argument accures between Ralph and the hunters
  • Jack and the hunters turn up with a dead pig and chanting.
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Chapter Five- Beast from Water

  • Ralph realises things are going wrong and calls a meeting at night
  • One of the 'littleuns' says he saw a beast- from the the water- produces more fear
  • The boys get out of control and start off a chant.
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Chapter Six- Beast from the Air

  • The parachutest lands on the island
  • Sam and Eric see the parachutest and claim its a beast
  • Ralph calls a meeting and they tell their story- they set out for the beast and discover Castle Rock.
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Chapter Seven- Shadows and Tall Trees

  • They go on a chase to hunt the pig and come back on a high
  • Ralph, Jack and Roger climb the mountain but run back down claiming they saw a beast.
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Chapter Eight- Gift for the Darkness

  • They call another meeting- Ralph is still elected leader, Jack gets annoyed and walks out of the group.
  • Violent pig hunt on a female pig- they put the pigs head on a stick and declare it a gift for the beast
  • Simon goes to his secret place and discovers the pigs head- starts to talk to him- then in shock he faints.
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Chapter Nine- A View to Death

  • Simon walks out of the forest and sees the parachutest and sets him free
  • The hunters start to chant, they see Simon and start to attack him thinking hes the beast
  • He gets violently killed and his body is taken out in to sea
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Chapter Ten- The Shell and the Glasses

  • Ralph and Pigyy are ashamed of their behaviour the next morning
  • The boys then get attack by the hunters in the night- Jack steals Piggys glasses
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Chapter Eleven- Castle Rock

  • Piggy and Ralph go to Castle Rock for the glasses
  • Ralph and Jack have a fight
  • Roger pushes a boulder and kills Piggy
  • Piggys body is then washed out to sea.
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Chapter Twelve- Cry of the Hunters

  • Everyone now hates Ralph and he hides from them
  • They then start to hunt him down to kill him
  • The island gets set on fire from the violent hunt
  • The navel officer turns up on the island.
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