Chapter Five

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Chapter Five- Beast from Water

Same day as Chapter Four. Ralph calls an assembly and tries to enforece rules. Again, the boys end up arguing and fighting. A wild dance. Piggy wants grown ups and Ralph wants a sign. Ralph begins to wish he could think like Piggy and tries to re-establish the rules. Simon suggests the beast is 'only us'  Ralph becomes frustrated with how long his hair is and he begins to regret being Cheif 

Chapter Six- Beast from Air 

A few days after Chapter Five. A sign appears in the form of  a dead parachutist. Sam and Eric are the first to see the body and automatically think it's the beast. They boys go exploring and there is no beast.. The boys begin to be divided into two groups. Some of the boys want to stay at the fort but in the end Ralph persuades them to go back to the mountain and look after the fire.  Ralph and Jack feel the bond between them again.  

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