National 5 History: Unit 2 Changing Britain- Changing the voting system

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  • Changing to the voting system in Scotland & Britain 1760-1900
    • Peterloo Massacre
      • 16th August 1819
      • St Peters Square, Manchester
        • 60,000 peaceful protesters
          • Banners such as:
            • Universal Suffrage
            • Reform
            • Equal representation
            • RIOT ACT READ
              • 18 people killed and 600-700 seriously injured
    • Bonnymuir
      • 1st April 1820 posters calling for a general strike went up
        • 2nd April government called for all shops to be closed
          • 3rd April Royal decree goes out offering £500 for authors of the posters
            • James WIlson arrested for high treason
              • James Wilson, Andrew Hardie and John Baird were all executed by hanging
                • Baird & Hardie charged with high treason
      • 8th of April 70 men led by Andrew Hardie & John Baird marched to Iron Works near Falkirk
        • Spotted at BONNYMUIR by the 7th & 10th Hussars
          • The British force defeated them
            • Survivors taken to a military prison at Stirling Castle
              • Baird & Hardie charged with high treason
    • 1832 Reform
      • Vote given to  men who owned/rented property worth £10 a year
      • Redistribution of seats took place
      • Rotton Boroughs were abolished
      • Voting still done in public
        • no women of any class could vote
          • No working class could vote
            • MPs were still not paid
    • The Chartists
      • After 1832 Reform Act as it was very limited
        • Working class men and women made CHARTIST group
          • Annual votes for government
          • Vote by secret ballot
          • MPs to be paid; so anyone could become one
            • Made a national petition
              • Vote by secret ballot
              • Annual votes for government
              • Equal voting constituencies
              • First one had over 1 million names- NO IMPACT
                • Chartists split into 2 different groups
                  • PHYSICAL
                  • MORAL
                • Other petitions were made but had fake signatures & were laughed out of parliament
          • Equal voting constituencies
    • 1867 Reform Act
      • Vote for men who owned property worth £6 in towns
      • Vote for lodgers paying £10 a year in rent
      • Scotland received 7 extra MPS
      • Working class men in country - NO VOTE
        • Women- NO VOTE
          • Mps NOT PAID
            • NO SECRET BALLOT


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