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Social Sciences
Targets today:
Introduction to Cold War Unit…read more

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How do these topics link to what you
already know?
Immigrants and Exiles
Scottish society 1830-1930
Free at Last
Race Relations in the USA 1918-1968
© Wikipedia Commons
In the Shadow of the Bomb
The Cold War 1945-1985
© Wikipedia Commons…read more

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Video Observations
What are the origins of Communism
Why did the USA and USSR cooperate in WWII
What are the differences between Communism
and Capitalism?
Why is there a mistrust of Communism?…read more

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Video Observations
What had the impact of WWII been on Europe?
What were feelings like between the Allies at first?
What were the aspirations of the United Nations?
How did the allies intend to stop Germany being a
threat again?
How had attitudes changed by the time of the Potsdam
conference?…read more

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THE BIG THREE…read more

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Roosevelt, Churchill, and Stalin met at Yalta in
March 1945 .
Agreements were reached about Germany; Japan; East Europe; United
Disagreements took place over Poland, the gateway between East and
The Big 3 disagreed about Territory and Politics in POLAND and
.…read more

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