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Vietnam War
Russia and China
The Korean War made the cold war a worldwide conflict rather than one based in Europe. The West
distrusted the East and faced two communist superpowers in Russia and China. China and Russia
appeared to be acting as one. This included 10000 Chinese were trained…

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The likelihood of war increases
Johnson took over from Kennedy and announced that he would not allow South Vietnam to become
communist. However, government instability in South Vietnam divided the people with 20 parties gaining
support and leadership changes occurring every six weeks.

Gulf of Tonkin
In 1964, North Vietnamese…

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The Tet Offensive
During the Tet religious festival Vietcong attacked 100 South Vietnamese cities and US bases. This
suggested the war could not be won. However, this was not a victory for North Vietnam as the communist
message was not spread, resources were depleted and many Vietcong were killed or…

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1. Explain China and Russia's relationship.

2. Why did Russia and China split?

3. Explain how the USA became involved in the Vietnam War. (Include dates, number
of military personnel, incidents)

4. What is vietnamisation?

5. Explain the impact of the Vietnam War.

6. Explain why the USA became…


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