Changing Gender Identity

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    • Wilkinson
      • young people are more confident and assertive
      • rejecting traditional roles
      • expressing individuality
    • Sharpe
      • 1970s focus on kids and marriage
      • 1990s focus on education and careers
    • Stanworth
      • different subject choices from both genders
      • females although academically successful still only got assistant roles
    • Jackson
      • ladettes = anti-school girls
      • shift to more masculine behaviour
    • Connel
      • range of masculine identities
      • hegemonic, complicit, subordinate and marginalised
    • Abbot
      • shifts in fashion styles
      • men pay more attention to appearance now
    • Mac an Ghaill
      • decline in traditionally male jobs
      • rise in males not having jobs due to fear of not fulfilling role


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