CHANGES AND ISSUES WITH THE ARMY (British Warfare 1790-1918)

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    • McNeill-Tulloch Report 1855
      • Crimean War and its problems
        • fewer troops (downsizing the army)
        • questioning the armed forces and that they were not fit for purpose
        • Weakness = supplying and transportation
        • Dying of diseases not injuries (government was alarmed)
      • Impact
        • Improvement to army organisation/supply
        • changed rum to porter (dark beer), which contained iron
        • army began to take responsibility
        • extra services to help supply/ distribute
        • improved medicine
      • findings
        • Majorities of casualties were diseased
        • Poor health/lack of fresh food
        • Not providing daily rations
        • Camp kettles missing, using mess tins to cook
        • still attending duties in poor conditions
        • lack of vitamins/lie juice, increase of Scurvy
        • Lack of feed for horses
        • Communication was poor
        • Shed knapsack to move quicker
        • Short of medicine/ medical supplies
        • replacement clothing was slow
    • What is the Army?
      • 3 Fighting arms and support services
      • Support services = Engineers and Medical support
      • Every soldier belonged to a regiment = main organisation unit
      • Regiments had its own  headquarters, administrative staff and colours, with a rich history and unique traditions
      • Made up of volunteers
      • Infantry, Battalions and Cavalry formed Brigades
      • Brigades would be combined into Divisions
      • Divisions would then make up the army


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