Changes in the role of the people 1790-1918

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  • Changes to the role of the People 1790-1918
    • Financial role
      • War bonds
      • Increased taxes
      • Increased workforce
      • Total War- women recruited
      • Leaving certificates, ban on strikes, state-owned factories
      • Industrial Revolution- middle classes have more money (can afford taxes)
      • Empire- more moneym, can afford taxes and loans
    • Press and connection with wars
      • War correspon-dence
      • Increased literacy rates
      • Better printing technology made newspapers cheaper
      • War photography
      • War films
      • Propaganda songs in pubs
      • Support for war (advertising imperial)
      • Decreased support for war (Crimea- Palmerston's government brought down)
      • Air-force seen as knightly
    • Social impact
      • Decreased class divisions in trenches
      • Increased trade union membership and Labour support
      • 'War socialism'
      • Middle class leadership
      • Increased franchise
      • Bereavement


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