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Case Studies…read more

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North Braunstone- west of CBD, outer suburbs, 2km
from centre
· Lots of terraced houses-council houses were built to
avoid over crowding ­ provide affordable
· 73% unemployment
· New deal scheme- £49.5 million
· Safety
· Work
· Living environment
· Health and fitness
· Educational attainment
· Community confidence
· Improvements- policemen and internet cafes…read more

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Westcotes- west of CBD, inner city, km from
CBD, west of river soar.
· Loads of derelict land due to river flooding-
renovation needed, high unemployment
· City challenge scheme- £165million-1991-
replaced in 1998-spoke with town
· Science park, leisure facilities and retail
· Got= 3000 jobs, 250 new businesses, 4000
new or improved houses…read more

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Wycliffe-east of CBD, 1km from CBD, inner
Comprehensive redevelopment-clear loads of
terraced houses (no amenities) and replaced
with flats that have been trashed and ruined
Options- student accomodation, demolish
and make better use of the land, or
refurbish.…read more

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Evington-east, outer suburbs, 4km from CBD
Detached housing, gardens , greenery, really
nice area
Commuter rush, gridlock
EDDR-eastern district distributer road-dual
carriageway to relieve gridlock-plans
postponed until 2010- invested money in
public transport-angry residents…read more

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