Bristol: Case Study

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Background Information

    Location and Importance

    Bristol is the largest city in the SW of England. With a population of 440,500. It is         located   on the M4 with an international airport and access to the Bristol channel. 

     ·         Good rail and road links

     ·         Ferry service to Europe

     ·         2 major docks

     ·         Airport links to Europe and the USA

     ·         2 large universities

     ·         2 Cathedrals

     ·         Industry - the largest concentration of silicon chip manufacture outside of California,                   aerospace

     ·         The 8th most visited city by foreign tourists

     ·         Culture and entertainment – home to the creators of Wallace & Gromit  

The impact of migration

About half of Bristol’s population growth come from migration, including large numbers from EU countries.


     ·         Hard-working workforce

     ·         Enriching the city’s cultural life

     ·         Mainly young migrants help to balance the ageing population


     ·         Housing provision has not kept pace with population growth – so very expensive for rental or purchase

     ·         Teaching children whose first language is not English

     ·         Integration into the wider community

Social Opportunities

Bristol’s population is increasing / more ethnically diverse / good transport links – good for business and commuters / over 2 million people live within 50 km of the city

·         Entertainment – nightclubs, bars, underground music scene. Colston Hall is a venue for concerts, theatres include Old Vic. Migrants contribute to music, art, literature and food.

·         Sport – improved facilities – stadiums include leisure and conference facilities. Two professional football teams.

·         Shopping is growing with out of town retail at Cribbs Causeway and the development of Cabot Circus – which opened in 2008 at a cost of £500 million.

·         Bristol’s Harbourside has been redeveloped from warehouses to art galleries, museums and At- Bristol science centre.

Economic Opportunities

Closure of city port left empty warehouses – some have become flats, some re-used for new industries. Major developments have been in




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