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GCSE Geography fact file for UDC's

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Fact file urban development co-operations.
What are UDC's?
Urban development co-operations where set up in the 1980's. The aim is to regenerate land and
bring buildings into affective use and to renovate and re-use buildings.
Why where UDC's setup?
They were setup so that areas that where derelict now have a purpose e.g. housing or facilities such
as swimming pools
Case study of a UDC
Bristol harbour side
Bristol was facing terminal decline after cargo ships could no longer navigate the Avon river. New
docks where also built at Avonmouth and Pourtbury. This closed tobacco factories that used the river
to transport goods. Many businesses also relocated leaving behind abandoned factories. Bristol
council decided to redevelop the area. Lloyds TSB decided to move to the docklands area (this acted
as a great spur for the redevelopment.)
The docklands redevelopment was financed by public and private money. The aim was to provide
Leisure facilities, housing and offices. Most of the funding came from the national lottery. The area in
recent years has received the @Bristol science museum and an IMAX theatre.


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