Cell fractionation

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  • Cell Fractionation
    • Homogenisation
      • Cells spun in blender
      • Breaks plasma membranes and releases organelles
      • Cold, isotonic, buffered solution used
    • Filtration
      • Homogenate filtered
      • Separates large debris from organelles
    • Ultracentrifugation
      • 1: Cell fragments placed in centrifuge and spun at low speed. /heaviest organelles sink to bottom of centrifuge, form a pellet. Rest of organelles stay suspended in supernatent
      • 2: Supernatent drained off, spun again at higher speed. Heaviest organelles sink to bottom and form pellet again
      • Process repeated at higher and higher speeds until all organelles are separated. Each time a pellet is produced containing lighter organelles


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