Causes of world poverty

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  • Causes of world poverty
    • Natural disasters
      • Destroys
        • Homes
        • Buissneses
        • Crops
      • Lack of sanitation
        • disease is rife
        • People may be  evacuate to tents
        • Medicine/aid takes days/weeks to arrive
    • War
      • Goverenment spends money on army
      • Sets back development
      • Destroys agriculture and farm
    • Unfair traid
      • Large companies pay very low prices to farmers in developing countries
    • Debt
      • LEDC's lent money by other countries with large amounts of interest(unable to pay back)
    • Disease/ Health
      • Lack of save water kills 2million children each year
      • 34 million live with HIV
      • Health Care
        • Isn't  usually free
        • Too far to walk, and to expensive to pay for transport
      • Malaria
    • Corruption
      • Large companies with more wealth than the developing countries bring investment to a country and generate a large revenue from it
        • Environmental cost
        • Low wages for workers


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