The work of Christian Aid for world development

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  • The work of Christian Aid for world development
    • The Charity
      • Founded in 1945 by the British Council of Churches to help those left homeless by the second world war
      • It raises funds through churches
      • Provides long term aid
      • Provides aid for emergencies
      • Campaigns to remove the causes of poverty such as unfair trade and unjust debts
      • Educates people in Britain
    • How it tries to remove the causes of world poverty
      • Natural disasters - sends emergency supplies
      • Wars - works with local communities to help them find peaceful solutions
      • Debts - was one of the leaders at Jubilee 2000 trying to persuade world leaders to cancel the debts of LEDCs
      • Education - funds schools and teachers in LEDCs
      • Health - helps to set up clinics and hospitals
      • Lack of food - providing training in new farming methods and ways of preventing desertification
    • Why are they trying to end world poverty?
      • Parable of the talents : teaches to leave the Earth better than how you found it
      • Stewardship : looking after the Earth's resources and sharing them fairly
      • Sermon on the mount : Jesus taught people should use their wealth to help the poor and needy and all Christian Churches have a duty to help the poor
      • The golden rule
      • Christians have a duty to protect the poor and suffering


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