The causes of world poverty

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  • The causes of world poverty
    • World poverty
      • Countries in the West are regarded as rich - MEDC (more economically developed countries e.g USA, UK, France)
      • EDC (economically developing countries e.g. Mexico)
    • Causes
      • War
        • Caused by corruption
        • Artificial countries sometimes have civil wars
        • War destroyes crops, homes, schools and hospitals
        • Wars create refugees and neighbouring countries that take in refugees and give them food and shelter end up poorer
      • Natural disasters
      • Debt- all LEDCs suffer from debt
      • Unfair trade - rich countries organise trade
      • AIDS/HIV
        • This disease can spread rapidly in LEDCs due to lack of access to contraception like condoms
        • This removes workers and destroys the economy
      • Lack of clean water
      • Over population
      • Lack of education
      • Lack of developmental opportunities


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