Causes of split ticket voting

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  • Causes of split ticket voting
    • Cognitive Madison-ianism
      • splitting the ticket on purpose to create checks and balances and limit government
        • In the cold war many voters wanted a stronger defense policy but liberal social policies
    • Partisan De-Alignment
      • Vote for candidates not parties
        • West Virginia: 2012 Manchin- 61% Obama- 35%
    • Balancing theory
      • All parties are too extreme so balance helps
        • 1988- Bush v Dukakis: 25% of people split their ticket because they thought both were too extreme
    • Separation theory
      • voters like different parties for different reasons
        • Elections in the US are more issue- and candidate- orientated
    • Incumbency factor
      • voters are more likely to vote for incumbent politicians 'pork barrelling'


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