sino- soviet split causes

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  • Sino- soviet split after 1953
    • Ideological differences
      • mao saw himself as junior to stalin so when stalin died he would be the natural leader
      • mao critical of khru. peaceful coexistence
      • mao was against de-stalinisation
      • Khruschev = critical of Mao's great leap forward
    • National interests
      • ussr refused to reduce ties to mongolia which china saw as hers as it was in her sphere of influence
      • USSR blocked china's rquests to expand into N. Korea
    • personal differences
      • Khr. meeting in China - no guard of honour met him, no microphone
        • at the meeting itself they both openly insulted eachother
      • may 1960- chinese beat russians to the top of mount everest
        • strong chinese propaganda
      • july 1960- khru. removed russian experts who were helping with the great leap forward
    • Ussuri River dispute 1969
      • chinese troops ambushed sov troops =59 sov dead
      • 7 month military fighting occurred after the ambush
      • caused mao to change towards US
    • Sino-indian border conflict
      • rather than back comm ally - khrus publically condemned chinese war involvement
        • he supported india sending aid worth $800 million
    • sino-indonesian dispute 1959-62
      • sov sent military aid to indonesia


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