Case Study 4: Rural to Urban Migration in South Africa

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  • Urban change in Jo'burg
    • Problems of life in Soweto
      • High density housing
      • Lack of basic services (i.e. clean water, sanitation, waste collection)
      • People connected to electric illegially (dangerous)
      • Roads are not paved so get flooded
      • Diseases quickly spread
      • Large number of deaths from AIDS
      • Unskilled workers with low paid jobs
    • How is Jo'burg improving Soweto?
      • Replacing informal housing with low cost social homes
      • Roads have been paved
      • Improved water supply (98% now have clean water)
      • Street lights improve safety at night
      • More police on streets, decreasing crime rate
      • Park being built for children to safely play in
    • Case Study 4: Rural to Urban Migration, SA
      • Where did people move from?
        • Limpopo Province , North of SA
        • 250k people moved btwn ages of 20&30
        • Most move to Gauteng Province
        • MOST go to Jo'burg, Pretoria and Soweto
      • Why did people leave Limpopo?
        • Push factors
          • Few houses have electric
          • Poor job opportunies
          • Lack of money- most people earn £100/month
          • Low quality of life
          • Mostly farmers on small farms so crop yield varies
        • Pull factors
          • Better job opportunies
          • Average earning of £700/month
          • Better quality of life
          • Better health care
          • Better schools
          • Higher ownership of electronic goods
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