Cape town

Cape town case studey

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  • Cape town
    • Rural
      • Access to services
        • no schools/poorly equiped schools
        • good public transport links
          • coaches to other places
        • no electric/clean water
        • Women/girls do chores to get supplies
      • QOL
        • less crime
          • community spirit
        • enjoy farming
          • depend on it for income, little rain
          • source of all their food
      • SOL
        • not many jobs
          • low wages
        • unreliable jobs, droughts ect will kill harvest
          • most people work in agriculture
    • Urban
      • just outside the CBD
        • Access to services
          • access to golf and surfing  and libraries
          • 15 minutes from CBD
          • internet connection
        • QOL
          • secure safe area
          • many good jobs on offer
          • luxuries on offer such as sports clubs
        • SOL
          • views of the sea & mountains
          • earn a lot of money
      • Philippi
        • Access to services
          • 20km from the city centre
          • poorly equipped/ over crowded schools
            • 3hs by train to get to school
          • community centre&gym
            • attempt to reduce crime, not sucsessful
          • improving water
          • no access to shopping, or any luxuries such as libraries or swimming
        • QOL
          • Racism/ segregation =a problem
          • alcohol, crime, dirty & homes too small
        • SOL
          • activley trying to get better
          • builds their own house
          • pay for electric and water
          • attempt to send all children to school


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