Human Environment Case Studies

- Japan

- Capetown

- Cairo

- China: Chongqing

- Meadowhall

- Toyota Factory, Derby

- Eden Project

- BedZed

- Blackpool

- Aiya Napa

- Zanzibar

- Gambia



Ageing Population

People are living longer as medical care and living standards have improved. 


- Government receive less taxes

- Less money for elders

- Half of the money spent on health care is for the elderly so expenses increase


- Grey Boom: More money is spent in the economy

- Technology has been advanced for people to check on relatives

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Squatter Settlements

Cairo is part of the primary sector with a rapid growth. Squatting here is illegal, however the government have turned a blind eye to it. Most people living here are rural-urban migrants. They are badly built and overcrowded and more common in poorer countries.

- Shortage of housing leads people to Shantee Towns. Cairos is known as City of the Dead as it's a graveyard

- It has open sewers leading to water pollution

- 2 millions cars and bikes in the city cause Carbon Monoxide, which increases Air Pollution

- Factories release toxic gases causing over 50% of people to have lung problems

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Cape Town

Migration from Rural to Urban Areas (Urbanisation)

Push Factors from Rural:

- No electric or gas supply

- Jobs are not consistent or reliable (Silk worms often don't produce silk)

- Low grade land is hard to farm on

- Little communication

Push Factors from Urban:

- Family would live a long way away

- No community spirit

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China: Chongqing


China is part of the Secondary Industry, and is growing substantially. 

Growth Reasons:

- Increased Population

- Central (Geographical Location)

- Cheap Labour

- Better Education

- More rescources

- Faster Transport 

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This happens in richer countries. 

Push Factors:

- Pollution and Traffic Conjestion are higher in cities
- Crime rates are higher
- Houses in cities can cost more
- Leire is no longer Self sufficient 
- Rising house prices as demand is higher 

Pull Factors:  

- Better transport links
- Growth of IT means more people can work from home
- More jobs are now available out of town
- Close to A5 and M69
- 20km to Leicester

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Changing Retail Services

Meadowhall has 280 shops. It has caused the number of shops in the city centre to decline with a 15% trade loss.

- Brownfield Sites

- Room for expansion

- Back up plan as a prision if shopping failed

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Toyota Factory, Derby

Location of Industry

- Near A50, A35 and M1

- Suppliers nearby

- Workers can live locally

- £20 million grant to work from Derby

- 280 hectares of flat land to build on

- Greenfield site with room for expansion 

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Eden Project

Rural De-Industrialisation

This is moving industry away from the countryside and into the city, and supporting local industries.

- £600 million spent by visitors in the first 3 years

- Jobs recruited locally

- 75% of staff were previously unemployed

- Food and drink sourced locally

- Holiday home demand has doubled

- Journeys are now 30 minutes longer due to traffic

- More air pollution

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Reducing the Impacts of Globalisation (Renewable Energy)

BedZed (Beddington Zero) is eco friendly accomdation which supports many of the new eco technology in order to live sustainably.

- 99 homes use 90% less energy in heat than normal housing

- Bathrooms fitted with energy saving devices

- Woodchips are burnt for fuel

- Photovolactic panels supply the remaining energy demand

- Windcows mean air conditioning is not needed

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UK Tourism

Often used for the butler model

- Visitor numbers increased in 1900s

- Hen parties visited and damaged tourism

- M55 opened

- 11 million visiors in 2004 as more attractions opened

- 2009, coastal defences completed costing £80 million

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Aiya Napa

Mass Tourism

HIC in Cyprus by the Mediterannian Sea

- Money brought to local businesses

- Facilities improved so more tourists attracted

- Summer jobs created (but lost in winter)

- Locals are short of money in winter

- Local families find the noise and people a nuisance and have left their homes

- Pollution has increased and coral damaged

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Enclave Tourism

Zanzibar is an African Island and is an LIC

- Dependent on foreign tourists

- High prices

- All inclusive (Locals don't gain much money)

- Away from local cultures

- Usually LICs

- £220 million brought in by tourism and jobs

- Improved internet 

- Coral Reef has been destroyed

- Fish scared away (Fisherman are struggling)

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- Provides jobs and money for locals

- Uses local produce

- Renewable energy is used

- Conserves and purifies water naturally

- Supplies its own food

- Recycles

- Sewage is used as compost

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bloody amazing this is

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