Cakes, Scones and Biscuits

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  • Cakes, Scones and Biscuits
    • Whisking method
      • 3) This method makes Swiss rolls and light sponge cakes
      • 2) Flour is sieved and folded in a little at a time
      • 1) Eggs and sugar are whisked together until light and fluffy
    • Melting method
      • 3) This method is used for moist cakes, gingerbread and flapjacks
      • 2) It is then mixed with flour and eggs
      • 1) Fat is melted with sugar or syrup in a pan and left to cool
    • Rubbing-in Method
      • 1) Fat is chopped up into cubes and added to flour
      • 3) The the liquid is added (eggs or milk) and mixed in
      • 2) The fat is rubbed into the flour until the mixture has a texture like breadcrumbs
      • 4) This method is used to make scones and some biscuits and rock cakes
    • Creaming Method
      • 3) This is used to make sponge cakes and biscuits
      • 2) Eggs are added and flour is sieved and folded in bit by bit
      • The 'all-in-one' method is a variation of the creaming method when all the ingredients and beaten together
      • 1) Sugar and butter are beaten together until pale and creamy


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