C1- Air Quality

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  • C1 - Air Quality
    • The Earth's Atmosphire
      • Carbon dioxide
      • Water Vapour
      • Oxygen
      • Nitrogen
      • Noble Gases
      • What the Earth's Atmosphere is made out of
        • 78% Nitrogen
        • 21% Oxygen
        • 1% Argon
        • carbon dioxide 0.038%
        • Water Vapour 0-4%
    • Measuring Pollutants
      • Concentration is measured in parts per million (ppm) or parts per Billion (ppb)
    • Elements
      • if a solid, liquid or gas is made up of only one type of atom it is called an element
    • Compounds
      • Compounds are different to elements. Compounds contain different atoms
      • Examples
        • Methane CH4
        • Water H20
        • Carbon Dioxide Co2
        • Sulphuric Acid H2SO4
    • Pollution
      • What Happens to Pollution?
        • Carbon Dioxide Causes Global warming but some of it can be removed by plants by using Photosynthesis or reactions with seawater.
      • sulfer dioxide and nitrogen dioxide cause acid rain which damages trees and buildings
      • particulates can make buildings dirty and worsen breathing difficulties
      • Removing Air  Pollution
        • Use less electricity/ central heating
        • Remove Toxic chemicals before or after they are burnt
        • use alternative energy sources, e.g. Wind powers and Solor Pannels
      • Can Kill Plants
      • Harm Humans lungs
      • Kills Plants
      • Causes acid tain and is thought to contribute to global warming
      • Main Pollutants
        • carbon monoxide is a poisonous gay it reacts with human blood and can kill you
        • sulfur dioxide causes acid rainsulfur dioxide causes acid rain
        • Nitrogen dioxide causes acid rain, breathing problems and increase asthma problems
        • particulates of carbon make things dirty and make breathing problems worse
    • Catalytic Converter
      • use alternative energy sources, e.g. Wind powers and Solor Pannels
      • nitrogen monoxide + carbon monoxide -------> nitrogen + carbon monoxide


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