You and your genes

About you and your genes

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You and your genes

Variation - Differences between induviduals of the same species are described as variation.

Genetic Modification - Your genes/DNA
Envoronmental - The enviorment
Combination - A bit of both. Genes/Enviorment

Chromosomes - Chromosones normally come in pairs, Humans cells contain 23pairs. 46 total (half from mother, half from father)

Alleles - A gene can have differnt versions called alleles, you get an allele from your mum and dad thats why you look the same.

Recessive - Reccessive

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Air Quality

Pollutants - are chemicals that can harm the enviorment and our health

Chemicals in the air -
78% Nitrogen
21% Oxygen
1% Argon

Data about pollution - data is very important to scientist beacuase it can be used to test a theory or explanation

In mesuring pollutants they mesure in...
PPB - Parts per billion
PPM - Parts per million

Chemicals - Elements are the 'building blocks' of all materials
Each Element us represented by a differnt symbol e.g C=carbon O=Oxygen Fe=Iron

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