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  • C1 Air Quality
    • Sulfur Dioxide-causes acid rain
    • Carbon Monoxide- A posiones gas it reacts with blood and can kill you
    • Nitrogen Dioxide- causes acid rain causes breathing problems and makes asthma worse
    • Particals-makes things dirty can be breathed into lungs make asthma worse
    • Primary Pollutant: C,CO,CO2,NO SO2 are all primary pollutant human activity puts them directly into the stmosphere
    • Second primary: Same pollutants react with chemicals such as oxygen&water to make new secondry pollutant
    • Combustion is when fuels burn they produce carbon dioxide and water vapour
    • if you burn a fuel and there is a limited oxygen then instead of carbon dioxide you get carbon monoxide
    • Improving Air quality:
      • Use public transport more or walk
      • Produce less smoke coming from factories
      • Use renewable energy wind,water and solar power
      • Recycling save natural resorces
      • turn lights off


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