Air Quality

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The atmosphere surrounding the Earth is a mixture of gases. In some places, human activities have added other gases to the atmosphere, which are called pollutants.

Unpolluted air

The Earth is surrounded by a mixture of gases called the atmosphere. The main gases in the atmosphere, and their approximate percentages in dry air, are shown below.

Gases in the air:

Nitrogen: 78%

Oxygen: 21% 

Argon: 1% 

These are the gases that make ip the atmosphere. 

The atmosphere also contains a small but important amount of carbon dioxide, approximately 0.04 per cent, and tiny amounts of a few other gases.

In addition to these, air also contains water vapour. The percentage of water vapour varies from one location to another, and according to weather conditions. This is why the percentages of the other gases are usually quoted for dry air.

Pollutants In The Air:

Every day various human activities create and release numerius numbers


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