Business Culture

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  • Business Culture
    • Culture
      • The personality of an organisation
      • A set of shared values and beliefs
    • Types of Culture
      • task culture
        • power is given to those with expertise
        • team working is common
      • role culture
        • decisions made through well established procedures
        • e.g. civil servants
      • dynamic culture
        • constantly making new decisions and going into new markets
      • Power culture
        • central source of power - one person.
        • tend to be smaller firms
    • A businesses culture is heavily influenced by:
      • type of industry
      • management style
    • Benefits of a strong culture
      • easier to recruit people
      • sense of identity for staff
        • more loyal
        • feel part of a business
        • more flexible
      • good team work
        • motivation
          • customers benefit too
      • shared goals
      • good communication
    • Drawbacks of a strong culture
      • can put off potential/some customers
      • can be difficult to remove a perception of culture
        • police is known for being racist and sexist
      • often linked to management style
      • resistance to change
      • slow to react
      • may alienate new staff members
        • make it hard to settle


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