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  • Burger- (Contemporary)
    • Aim:to investigate obedience by partially replicating Milgram's study to examine whether situational factors affect obedience to an authority figure. this was also trying to study it in a more ethical way.
    • Participants responded to an advert via flyers offering 50$ to take part. they took part in a number of screening processes asking about mental health, personality tests and an interview with a clinical psychologist.
      • This resulted in a sample of 29 men and 41 women. ppts were randomly assigned to one of two conditions, but an attempt to keep the gender ratios in each condition equal was made.
    • Baseline:
      • ppts went through the same procedure as the milgram study. (stopped at 150v), only 15v shock given to ppt rather than 45v...
        • after patients pressed the 75v switch, they heard a small grunt. ppts heart the confederate grunt after each successive shock, and each grunt was louder than the previous one...
          • when the ppt pressed the 150v switch, they heard the confederate yell through the wall "ugh. that's all get me out of here, please. My heart's starting to bother me. I refuse to go on. let me out.
    • Model-refusal
      • two confederates used. one played the learner, new confederate was teacher 1, ppt was teacher 2.
        • experimenter instructed teachers to sit beside each other infront of shock generator.
          • after 90v, confederate said to experimenter "I don't know if i can do this"
            • experimenter prodded "please continue", confederate moved chair back and ppt was asked to continue.
    • Baseline- 70% obeyed fully, model refusal- 63.3% continued to 150v. little difference in gender.
    • Males & females used- representitive, however self selected = shared characteristics.
    • Replicable procedure (standardised) , however low in ecological validity.
    • controlled situation- low in ppt variables
    • lacks protection from harm, however did lower shock to ppt.
    • low in demand chars
    • withdrawal witheld- prods.
    • Deception.


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