Poetry- Brothers

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  • Brothers
    • Structure
      • 14 lines- Sonnet
        • This shows that even though he treated his brother in this way, he still loved him
    • Negative feelings for younger brother
      • "Saddled" suggests they feel as though they are burdened by their younger brother
      • "Spouting" shows how immature they feel he is and that his opinion isn't as important due to his age
      • "I sighed" this shows he is fed up with having to look after his younger brother
    • Language about age
      • "skipped" this reinforces the fact that he is younger
      • "Windmilled"makes him seem younger and more childish
    • "The distance I'd already set in motion"
      • A metaphor for the fact that his actions when he was younger led to him not being as close to his brother


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