Brothers A* Analysis Mr Bruff notes

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Andrew Forster 

- This poem is biographical to his own life.


- about the relationship between brothers

- plutonic love (also seen in nettles and praise song for my mother) 

- Andrew is writing about the past which could mean that he feels guilty however we don't see this as the poem includes quite a lot of negative views.

Saddled with you for the afternoon, me and Paul
ambled across the threadbare field to the bus stop,
talking over Sheffield Wednesday's chances in the Cup
while you skipped beside us in your ridiculous tank-top
spouting six-year-old views on Rotherham United. 

Saddled is a negative word (a saddle you put on a horse) this is a metaphor suggesting that the little brother is a burden. Andrew being the horse and the little brother the saddle that is weighing him down. 'You' is direct address to the little brother. Threadbare is worn out and exposed which could reflect the relationship between the brothers. Spouting six year old views the alliteration of the 's' is a very harsh sound which reflects the harsh opinions h has towards the six year old brother.

Suddenly you froze, said you hadn't any bus fare.
I sighed, said you should go…


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