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Poem: Brothers
Subject: This is about a boy spending an afternoon with his younger brother and his friend, and explores the
relationship between siblings. It is written from an adult perspective but considers the feelings of the
older brother who thinks of his younger brother as an inconvenience.…

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when running for the bus, a metaphor for competitive natures that they cannot help but
The voice of the speaker suggests throughout that he is feeling resentment towards the
'ridiculous tank-top' of the younger brother and his 'six-year-old views'.
The childhood feeling of superiority is later regretted by the…

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How it makes the The friendship in the poem is important, and yet the final image suggests the loss that the
reader feel? speaker feels at not being closer to his brother. 'I ran on, unable to close the distance I'd
set in motion'. It seems that the younger boy…


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